StuCo explores possible changes for Indian Call this year to increase participation


Nathan Leiker

Students voted for either a casual or formal dance by clicking this slider on the Hays High website. Instructor Alicia Brungardt said the poll helps StuCo gauge public opinion and will help them in their decisions. Nothing has been determined to date.

Student Council (StuCo) has been exploring different options for the annual Indian Call dance this year.

“We want kids to come to our event, so we need to think about what makes events fun and interesting for students,” instructor Alicia Brungardt said.

Indian Call has historically had a lower attendance than Homecoming and StuCo is trying to change that.

Attire is one of the factors that StuCo has considered changing. In the past, Indian Call has been a formal dance, like Homecoming.

Last week, a poll was posted on the Hays High website to get student input on the formality of the dance.

Brungardt said that she has had people say they don’t go to the dances because they don’t want to spend the money on formal wear. By making the dance less formal, StuCo could potentially draw more people to the dance.

Another component is the dance itself.

“Some kids don’t dance, so we’re thinking about alternative activities that would draw in students who don’t dance,” Brungardt said. “Formal attire limits activities other than dancing.  By changing the dance dress code, we can open up possibilities.”

Any activities at the dance have to be passed through administration first and nothing has been decided yet.

StuCo will meet on Wednesday and discuss possible themes for the dance.

“We are just trying to gather information to help us make good decisions,” Brungardt said.