Students attend presentation by Daymond John from ‘Shark Tank’


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Marketing students from both the Marketing Applications class and Principles of Marketing were able to attend the Daymond John presentation on Nov. 7 at Beach Schmidt. John has a clothing line called FUBU and is currently still a shark on “Shark Tank.”

Daymond John – entrepreneur, investor and motivational speaker – spoke at Beach Schmidt on Nov. 7.

The presentation lasted about an hour and a half, from 7:30 to 9 p.m., during which he spoke of his childhood and how he first began his clothing line, FUBU. John also gave tips to the audience about how to be a better entrepreneur.

The tickets to the event were free and open to anyone in the public, and students in the Marketing Applications class had the opportunity to attend after hearing about it from instructor Shaina Prough and receiving tickets obtained by senior Ryan Hernandez’s mom. Two members of the Principles of Marketing class also attended.

“It was absolutely fantastic,” senior Peyton Thorell said. “I learned a lot of things about goals. I learned many things form the SHARK points.”

The SHARK points include Setting a goal, (doing your) Homework, Amor (love) the thing you do or the people who mean the most to you, Remembering you are the brand, and Keep swimming.

“I thought it was amazing just to hear his story because I honestly didn’t know his background going into this,” senior Shyann Schumacher said. “I thought it was interesting to see how your situation does not define what you can be in life, and that’s what his entire presentation was about.”