HHITA competes at High Plains Electro Rally on September 27


Junior Levi Hickert works on one of the cars at the Electro Rally. The rally was held September 27 at the Hays Municipal Park.

Hays High Industrial Tech Association (HHITA) competed at the High Plains Electro Rally on September 27.

The rally was hosted by Fort Hays State University. Sponsors for the event included: Sunflower Electric, Midwest Energy and Western Cooperative Electric.

Drivers junior Chloe Fitzhugh and Matt Fross placed. Fitzhugh drove car 320 and placed 5th and Fross drove car 20 and placed 7th.

Many students worked on the cars, but only a few were able to drive.  In order to drive, students need to be at least sixteen years old.

Instructor Chris Dinkel said this race gave drivers that hadn’t had as much time to drive in competitions a chance to improve. The drivers that are selected to compete at state championships and spring races are based off of testing and training.

Overall, Dinkel was pleased with how the team did at the rally.

“Obviously, we’re trying to perform better as a team,” Dinkel said. “We have a few bugs to work out, but the big thing is working on the gear ratios and battery performance. The cars are pretty reliable. We just need to get the car to run at the highest level and at the least resistance.”

HHITA member sophomore Travis Dreher competed at the rally and echoed Dinkel’s assessment.

“We did good-ish,” Dreher said. “We just need to tighten every nut, every bolt, every connection.”