StuCo’s Back-To-School Bash draws 70 students to football field


Isabelle Braun

Students watch "Back To The Future" on the football field after Maroon and Gold. The movie started at 10 p.m. with a $2 admission fee. Around 70 students attended.

StuCo’s Back-To-School Bash drew around 70 students to the football field Friday after Maroon and Gold.

“It was a good turnout,” Instructor Alicia Brungardt said. “Not as high as we would’ve liked, but still a good number and I think the kids had fun which is the important part.”

During the event, students watched the 1985 movie “Back To The Future”.  Admission was $2 and included a free bag of popcorn.

Other concessions were also available for purchase. Students could buy cotton candy, candy bars, Gatorade, chips, box candy or a popcorn refill.

“I thought the Back-To-School Bash was great,” freshman Alex Johnson said. “I enjoyed spending time with my friends.”

Sophomore Sophia Garrison enjoyed watching “Back To The Future” because she had never seen it before.

“The event was really interactive and super well ran,” Garrison said. “I will definitely attend next year.”