Long term substitutes’ first days settle nerves


Allison Hillebrand

Substitute for Diane Mason's English classes prepares papers for students.

For the beginning of the year, many teachers must settle into a routine for class. In certain cases, however, teachers are in need of a substitute to take their place during the first weeks of school.

Substitute for Diane Mason’s English classes, Julie Fitzthum, will be teaching until Sept. 4, when Mason is able to return from her recovery after having knee surgery.

“I have been a substitute teacher for five years, and I really love teaching in general,” Fitzthum said. “I also really love English and teaching the upper classmen.”

Chemistry instructor Kayla Bell and math instructor Jayme Goetz are both out on maternity leave from their summer babies.

Bell’s substitute, Katelyn Schiffelbein, will be subbing until Oct. 10. Kathy Hafliger, substitute for Goetz, will be subbing for the next six weeks.

“Mrs. Goetz is the proud parent of a bouncing baby girl,” Hafliger said. “She gave birth to her in July.”

Hafliger said she appreciates the organization Goetz keeps in her classroom.

“I have subbed for her before and I knew she would have everything taken care of,” Hafliger said. “All I would have to do is come in and implement it.”

Schiffelbein said she took this subbing position because of her background in chemistry and education.

“I really enjoy chemistry and wanted to supply that knowledge to students,” Schiffelbein said. “I want to inspire students to join science careers.”

Based off of the first few days of school, Schiffelbein feels welcomed.

“So far, it is going great,” Schiffelbein said. “Everyone seems very engaged and ready to learn.”