Orchestra tours elementary schools


Isabelle Braun

The orchestra traveled to all the elementary schools in town on Feb. 28. Elementary schoolers guessed which instruments were which at each school.

Each year, the orchestra visits the elementary schools to perform and encourage students to join orchestra.

This year, the orchestra toured the elementary schools on Feb. 27.

The orchestra visited Roosevelt Elementary and Lincoln Elementary first.

After those stops, they got a break for lunch. The bus parked in the Dillon’s parking lot and students broke into different groups to go eat different places in that area. Some students went to Sonic, others ate at Taco Bell and others went to Wendy’s. After lunch, they performed at O’Loughlin Elementary and Wilson Elementary.

At each school, the orchestra performed four songs and a small group performed one song. The orchestra performed “Star Wars,” “I Dreamed a Dream,” “Perseus” and “Tam Lyn.” The small group performed “How to Train a Dragon.”

Orchestra students got a chance to shout-out former teachers or siblings at each school.
Freshman Ashely Vilaysing enjoyed going on the tour.

“I enjoyed going to the elementary schools quite a bit,” Vilaysing said. “It gave me a chance to say ‘hi’ to old teachers and younger siblings.”