Scholars Bowl to compete at state tournament


Scholars bowl placed as the runner-up at the regional tournament this year. This status allowed them to continue on to compete at state for the first time in the history of the Scholars Bowl team.

For the first time ever, the Scholars Bowl team will continue past regional competition and compete at the state tournament.

Instructor Cheryl Shepherd-Adams has been working with the scholars bowl team for ten years, and thinks the students have a lot of fun on the team.

“I enjoy their energy, and delight in their competitive spirit,” Shepherd-Adams said. “”This season is special because we qualified for state. Also, We’re having practices twice a week this year instead of just once a week; we have one practice after school and another before school.”

The turnout for practices is generally really good because varsity and junior varsity teams are dependent on how a student performs during practices on average, Shepherd-Adams said.

“I’m looking forward to recruiting more students who have a passion for competition, who have lots of random trivia rattling around in their brains trying to escape, and who aren’t afraid of being seen as a smart person,” Shepherd-Adams said. “I really like providing a refuge for students who might not be otherwise involved in school.”