StuCo makes efforts to spread the word to student body


Student Council continues their trial and error to get students informed on events happening around the school and more importantly what is going on in StuCo itself.

StuCo consists of students getting involved in committees including the bulletin board, recycling, patio, and S.A.F.E. committees.

Alicia Brungardt, Student Council representative, says she and the bulletin board committee have been striving to do what they can to spread the word on school events.

Late last year, they tempted to put out table signs in the cafeteria for people to read at lunch, which has spread to the idea of putting signs up on the tables in the library as well.

“We’ll send out emails to students to inform them on events,” said Brungardt. “But that doesn’t seem to go a long way because students won’t respond or take the time to look at them.”

The bulletin board in the library is a big focus to keep updated, but Brungardt says they want to start posting to the boards above each of the water fountains as well.

“We have some ideas going on in StuCo that are cooking,” said Brungardt. “Once we have more meetings, those plans will start to follow through.”