StuCo drive-in may grease lightning

Student Council is having its first major event this year, with the drive-in this Friday at 9:45 p.m. on the school Football Field after the Maroon-and-Gold Kickoff.

“We wanted to host a drive in because we thought it was an event that we haven’t done in a while,” StuCo President Trinity Callis said. “It’s something that’s not as hard to put together as other things so early in the year.”

StuCo has stressed to anyone going to drive-in to bring their own blankets, as seating on the grass won’t be provided and to bring money for concessions such as cotton candy and pop.

Callis said that she and the other leaders in StuCo have chosen Grease as the movie to be played because it’s a school-appropriate film that has a back-to-school vibe.

“We wanted to have a back-to-school bash,” senior Brendan Chapman said. “A lot of activities are starting early, so we thought movies would be the best way to go.”