Freshmen harbor mixed feelings about Homecoming week


Hannah Thomasson

Students gather in the freshman hallway before school on Barnyard Buds day.

With the week coming to a close, freshmen reflected upon their first high school Homecoming Spirit Week experience.

For the most part, freshmen found the spirit days interesting. On Monday, the freshman class won the spirit day competition with the highest percentage of their class participating in Mix it up Monday.

Freshmen Kordy Stull and Makayla Payne both found Tuesday’s Barnyard Buds day the most enjoyable to participate in. Second place and six spirit points were earned by the freshman class on this day.

On Wednesday’s Cartoon Character day, the freshmen secured second place with 48 percent of their class dressing up. Thursday’s Class Color day led to a third place finish for the freshmen. Other spirit days were well-received among freshmen, including Friday’s dress-up day.

“Dress-up day is probably my favorite,” freshman Macee Altman said.

While a fair portion of the class participated in the spirit days, very few took part in float building. Freshman Leah Collins was among those who dressed up for spirit days but did not work on the class float.

“There’s just not a lot to do for float building,” Collins said. “There isn’t much fun to it.”

Landon Summers was another freshman who decided against float building but thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the week.

“It’s pretty lit honestly,” Summers said.

Not all freshmen enjoyed homecoming week as much as Summers, however.

Freshman Hayden Brown only dressed up for Class Color day and did not participate in float building. Although he plans on attending the dance on Saturday, he found the week dull all in all.

“It’s just like every other week,” Brown said. “I literally couldn’t care less.”