Students revive Jana’s Campaign


With October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, several students are making an attempt to bring attention to Jana’s Campaign with the help of staff sponsor, Sue Ann Tebo.

Jana’s Campaign, a non-profit organization based in Hays, aims to “provide quality educational programming that prevents gender and relationship violence” according to their website.

Jana Lynne Mackey, a former Hays High student, attended KU in order to obtain her degree in law. While attending college, Mackey was an activist who advocated for women’s rights, among other things. She ultimately ended up a victim of domestic violence when her ex-boyfriend murdered her in July of 2008.

Junior Amiyah Gonzalez is among the students involved in the revival of Jana’s Campaign. She feels it is important to inform students about domestic violence so as to prevent further instances of it.

“The purpose is to make sure students know that domestic violence is and will always be relevant,” Gonzalez said. “It’s important, also, that students know how to prevent this type of violence and how to acknowledge it.”

Gonzalez also hopes that issues such as relationship violence and date rape are covered.

Although the group is still in the initial stages of planning activities, Tebo is excited to work on this project. Interested students are encouraged to become involved by emailing Tebo at or stopping by room 133 during seminar.

“Anyone with ideas is welcome,” Tebo said. “If they don’t have ideas that’s okay too. We’ve only gotten together twice.”

So far, the group has put together designs for a t-shirt and a pair of sweats that will be for sale. They are also planning on constructing posters to be hung around the school.

The possibility of an assembly depends upon the approval of administration and Mackey’s mother, Christie Brungardt.

Students involved feel as though their efforts in bringing this campaign back to the school are crucial.

“Jana’s story is so important due to the fact that she went to Hays High,” Gonzalez said. “That makes it seem more real.”