‘Villainous’ brings out the Disney villain in players


Emry Lundy

The Queen of Hearts and Prince John player setup in the board game “Villainous.”

Do you have what it takes to be a Disney villain? The board game “Villainous” is the perfect way to find out.

“Villainous,” first released by Wonder Forge in late July 2018, has each player take on the persona of a famous Disney villain and try to enact their evil schemes.

In the original game, players could try to accumulate riches as Prince John, defeat the mighty Peter Pan as Captain Hook, curse poor, poor Aurora as the wicked Maleficent, win a nice game of croquet as the Queen of Hearts, steal the magic lamp and control the all-powerful Genie as Jafar or make a contract with King Triton as the sea witch Ursula.

Now, however, there are three expansion decks, bringing villains such as Hades, Scar and Cruella De Vil into the mix.

Each player has his or her own hero and villain decks, both stuffed full of characters, items and moments from their respective movies, as well as a board labeled with prominent locations and a stylistic piece representing their chosen villain. Most importantly, though, each villain has their own objective and way to achieve it meaning that the game changes each time the player plays as a different character.

Ultimately, though, the goal is the same – accumulate money and power while defeating foes of all shapes and sizes, as well as making sure the other players don’t get too close to their own objective. This can be done through fate cards, the only way to interact with another’s board.

This game of skill takes a bit of time to learn and master, but once players get the hang of things, it is a thrilling way to explore childhood favorites with a twist.