The Greeting Committee drops impressive debut album

The Greeting Committee dropped their debut album

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The Greeting Committee dropped their debut album "This Is It" Oct. 26.

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Kansas City based band The Greeting Committee released their first studio album “This Is It” on Oct. 26 almost exactly three years after they dropped their debut EP “It’s Not All That Bad” in October of 2015.

The band is comprised of four friends who met in high school. The band members include lead singer Addie Sartino, bassist Pierce Turcotte, guitarist Brandon Yangmi and drummer Austin Fraser.

They have an alternative, indie-pop sound to their music. The fun and carefree sound makes it feel like you are listening to the soundtrack of a feel-good coming of age movie, in the best way possible.

Their unique and catchy lyrics paired with Sartino’s voice will leave their songs stuck in your head for days, but not in an annoying way, in a pleasant way.

My favorite songs off the album are “You’ve Got Me” for it’s jazzy sound and “17” because I like the vibe of it, it puts me in a good mood.

The only complaint I have about this album is that I wish they would have explored different genres a little bit more like they did in their second EP “Meeting People Is Easy”.

They are still on the rise right now and I could see them blowing up sometime soon and getting extremely popular. Overall “This Is It” is a solid first album and I would rate it an 8/10.

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