Knitting club donates projects


Grant Tesluk

Knitting Club meeting on November 16th in room 113

This winter season, the Knitting Club has come up with some ideas to make for children who need something warm to wear and dishcloths for families in need.

Sponsors Kelly Ackerman and Lisa Renz donated the dishcloths made at the beginning of the year and the projects the students wanted to donate, such as hats, mittens and anything else to the Holiday Help Project and other organizations at the last meeting.

Other members will donate their projects after they finish.

“I have not donated any projects yet,” freshman Dakota Normandin said. “I’m actually almost done with my first one, and I will donate it to Holiday Help. I think it is a fantastic idea to donate because we are giving the dish rags to people who need them, and I just think it would be cool if I could help out with that too, so that is why I’m choosing to donate my project.”

Students have found the club a relaxing place to have fun and learn a skill.

“My favorite part has been getting to knit with everyone,” freshman Brooke Leiker said. “It’s fun to laugh, talk and just have a great time.”

Junior Alex Coveney agreed with Leiker.

“My favorite part of Knitting Club is having the chance to spend time with friends and take a break from school and any other issues going on,” Coveney said.