Dressing up for school is rare among students


Christina Leos

Senior Girls dressed up for Guys in Ties/Girls in Pearls.

Why dress up for school? This is a question a lot of students probably ask themselves or each other nearly every day. There are multiple students who choose to dress up, but not many enjoy it.

“Dressing up is just more comfortable to me,” senior Cristina Leos said. “I really do not like wearing sweats or anything like that to school.”

While dressing up can make people feel good about themselves, it can also help keep students focused during class.

“I love to dress up, mostly because it helps me stay awake in school,” sophomore Eileen Veatch said. “I also dress up because I bought a bunch of clothes over the summer, but I couldn’t wear them very often.”

One student who agrees with Leos and Veatch is senior Grace McCord.

“When I dress nicely, I tend to do better in school,” McCord said. “It really helps me feel more awake and alert then just wearing sweatpants or something.”

While some students agree with Veatch and McCord others do not.

“No, dressing up has no effect on your academic capabilities,” freshman Addison Otte said.

While dressing up is for some students, others prefer to dress more comfortably.

“I only dress up for sports or if I have some other activity that requires me to,” Otte said. Along with that, Otte said she finds some dressy styles uncomfortable and prefers dressing more comfortably. “I definitely don’t [dress up much]. Most of the clothes are uncomfortable, and it’s just not my style.”

So, while some students prefer dressing up for events or just to keep them focused in classes, some students do enjoy dressing up but are languid.

“I enjoy dressing up some days, but some days, I don’t like bringing extra clothes to change into for welding and woodworking,” junior Elizabeth Dickman said. “I think you shouldn’t have to dress up completely because some of us have classes that you want older clothes for; I do think pajamas should not be allowed in school.”
So, all students have their reasons for dressing up or not for school, whether that be not having time in the morning or not enjoying the styles of clothes, or because you want to look cute or stay more focused while at school.