Freshman shares unique talent


courtesy photo

Chase Wittman practices throwing knife in her front yard.

Hays High students have many talents, but one of the most unusual talents that freshman Chase Wittman has is knife throwing.

Knife throwing has been something Wittman has been doing since the winter of seventh grade.

Wittman said her cousins introduced her to this activity at her family’s Thanksgiving celebration. Since her cousins were inexperienced and the activity was new to the family, everyone tried out the activity. No one knew how to throw the knives properly, so many people lost interest, but Wittman did not give up.

Instead, she found a way to learn.

“I was determined to either learn from others on how to do it efficiently or figure it out myself,” Wittman said. “I thought, ‘How cool it would be if I could throw knives like a ninja?’”

That Christmas, Wittman asked her parents for throwing knives.

Wittman said she enjoys knife throwing because it makes her different. Besides the uniqueness of it, Wittman said she finds great satisfaction in sticking her targets.

Also, Wittman said she likes the mental control she gets out of it and the fact that forces her to pay very close attention to her body so that in case the knife sticks, she can repeat the process again.

“Everyone is different in their own way, but a girl who throws knives — that’s close to unheard of” Wittman said.