New rule responsible for vending machines shut off


Scout Perryman

Student is frustrated with the new vending machine rule.

In previous years, the main thing students did after lunch was to go to the vending machines, buy some snacks or a soda and enjoy their after meal extra.

However, students will find that this year, the vending machines are shut off during school hours.

Many students believe that the reason the vending machines are shut off is because administration wants to enforce their rule against students standing in the commons area.

This is not the case, it is not a rule from the school. It is a rule from the state.

“KS School Nutrition Guidelines don’t allow us to have machines with ‘unhealthy’ snacks on during the school day,” principal Martin Straub said. “They are on from 3:30 p.m. until 6:00 a.m.”

Students have already expressed their distaste for the new rule.

“I think it’s a bad idea because the school is losing money,” senior Gus Obour said.

The new hours have caused an inconvenience to students as well.

“When else are we supposed to get the snacks?” senior Trevor Mai said. “We can’t get them during seminar, we can’t get them during lunch, like, when are we supposed to get stuff?”

The rule is from the state, so the school cannot do anything about it. The snacks in the vending machine were deemed “unhealthy.”

“There are many rules we have to follow,” Straub said. “Sometimes, unfortunately.”