Spinoff shows generate excitement, disappointment


The cast of Full House vs. the case of Fuller House

In the past year, spinoffs of 90’s and early 2000’s television shows have been produced both on Disney Channel and as Netflix originals.

Nearly 15 years after the final installment of Boy Meets World aired, Disney Channel started up a spinoff series called Girl Meets World. According to IMDb.com, the show features Cory and Topanga all grown up and married with two children. Riley, the daughter, “faces life lessons through her family, friends, and school.”

The show is currently on its third season. Perhaps because it is directed toward a younger audience, Girl Meets World is not-well liked among students. Senior CJ Norris is not at all fond of the spinoff, and much prefers the original.

Girl Meets World is awful,” senior CJ Norris said. “It’s so cheesy. The original shows are classics.”

Netflix has also contributed with a spinoff of Full House, called Fuller House. According to IMDb.com, the show is centered around recent widow, D.J. Fuller [nee Tanner], and her three sons. After the death of her husband, her sister Stephanie, her best friend Kimmy and Kimmy’s daughter move into her house to help her raise her children.

So far only one season of Fuller House is on Netflix, but a second season is set to premier on Dec. 9.

Although Girl Meets World and Fuller House both received ratings of 7.2/10 stars on IMDb, Fuller House tends to garner more favorable reviews among students.

“It’s alright,” said senior Tressa Becker. “I definitely like the original better. Sometimes I feel like they try a little too hard in Fuller House.

Raven Symone, of former That’s So Raven fame, has recently announced that she is working with Disney to create a spinoff of her old show in which she is a mother figure.

According to MTV.com, the pilot episode will start off with Raven and her two children moving in with her best friend, Chelsea, and her son. One of Raven’s children is said to have inherited the ability to have visions of the future, like her mother, so similar plots and story lines from the original show can be expected to reappear.

Slated to premier sometime in early 2017, students have high hopes for the show.

“I hope the That’s So Raven spinoff is better,” said Becker. “I’ll be so disappointed if it’s not good.”