Students join in on jorts trend


Many a fashion trend has found its way through the doors of this school in the past several decades, but one that seems to have made its return over the summer is that of jean shorts or “jorts” worn by male students.

Local stores such as the Buckle, online retailers like Pac Sun, and even the most well-known jeans brand, Levi’s, have added men’s jean shorts in a multitude of styles, washes and fits to their inventories.

It is unclear which celebrity style icon brought jorts back to the mainstream, as the finger could actually be pointed at any number of sources.

Floyd Mayweather received quite the internet backlash when he wore jorts to game two of the NBA finals last June, but after Justin Bieber was caught wearing the cutoff denim shorts late this spring, it became clear that the trend was here to stay. Jorts have also recently been donned by the likes of male celebrities such as Pharrell Williams, Shia LeBeouf and Chris Hemsworth.

Junior Graedon Mayfield purchased his pair of jorts at an American Eagle Outfitters store in Wichita. He said he was inspired to join in on the trend after he saw that Justin Bieber wore them. Mayfield finds that comfort is not compromised in the name of fashion when it comes to wearing the shorts.

“They’re kind of comfy honestly,” Mayfield said. “I also just like the style.”

Instead of purchasing a pair of shorts, junior Casey Robben fashioned his jorts out of a pair of jeans he already owned. He, too, finds the denim shorts extremely comfortable, especially in the heat.

“It was hot at work one day so I just cut my jeans into jorts,” Robben said. “I think they’re pretty stylish.”

Although some people may hope that the trend will end quickly, supporters of the denim shorts such as Mayfield and Robben remain firm in their belief that jorts are here to stay.

“Once winter hits, the trend will obviously stop,” Mayfield said. “But as soon as spring comes, the jorts are coming back out for sure.”